Search Marathi Content by Changing English Google to Marathi Google

मराठी माणसाचे मराठी इंटरनेट -

Get Only Marathi Search Results in Google

We use Devanagari font to write in Marathi and Hindi languages. So if you search something in Google using Devanagari font, most of the time you receive Hindi search results. This is a problem for Marathi speaking people expecting access to the Marathi content over internet. They need to use Marathi version of Google Search Engine to overcome this problem. They should also learn to type in Marathi language to get more accurate search results. How to use Google as Marathi Search Engine? is explained in the following sections.

How to chagne the languge of Google to Marathi?

There are two ways to change the language of Google to Marathi.

Select Marathi as the language for Google India page

1. Open (Google India).

2. You will see language options below the search box. Select “Marathi” as the language from those options.

3. Now, Marathi version of Google Search engine will be in front of you.

The another way to use Marathi Google is more easy.

Direct Address for Marathi Google

Type this address in the address bar of your web browser and you will see Google in Marathi language –

Image of Marathi Version of Google - Marathi Google

Google as Marathi Search Engine

Type in Devanagari Marathi

You changed the language of Google to Marathi. That was one very important step to limit your search to Marathi content. But if you want to search something written in Marathi, you should learn how to type in Marathi? And this is not something very difficult thing to do. Some web applications and software help you to easily type in Marathi. 

I have discussed this topic in one of my hubs. This is the link to Marathi Google Transliteration - You can type something using English alphabets on your keyboard in the writing pad given on that page, and those words you type will automatically appear as Marathi words. For example, you can type "Marathi" to get "मराठी".

You can also see the keyboard icon at the right corner of the search box at You can use that keyboard to easily type in Marathi.

Search something in Marathi version of Google using Marathi font. That's it! All the Marathi content on Internet is now at your fingertips.